A typical day for Bunky

6:00am: Bunky wakes up Tom because it is time to get up so it is time to wake up Tom. This is a fine time to wake up.

6:15am: It’s time for walkies so Bunky hurries Tom up. Bunky needs to do potty and after all, Tom had all night to do potty.

6:30am: Time to eat! Bunky thinks it’s been ages since he last ate! Ohhhh chicken and rice and carrots yum! It tastes so good but the portions are so small around here.

7:30am: Bunky sees Tom grab a towel and knows it must be time for Tom to shower. Bunky parks right by the shower door so he can hear Tom sing songs even if he doesn’t quite understand what the songs are about.

8:00am: It looks like Tom is having toasties and that mushy stuff he never lets Bunky try along with a half of a banana. Bunky wonders why he never gets the other half of the banana. He gives Tom his most optimistic face. Tom eats everything in sight and all Bunky gets is the tiniest corner of the last piece of toast. Bunky feels ripped off … again.

9:00am: Time to watch Tom work. Bunky gets so tired Zzzzzzz. Oh wait! Tom stood up so Bunky has to stand. Bunky wishes Tom would sit down again. What time is dinner?

2:00pm: Bunky loves his afternoon walk. So much to see and so little to do and so hard to find a spot to do it. Oh Bunky likes this spot, wait no, hold on, maybe, okay so no. This is fun! Why does Tom look like that?

5:00pm: Bunky knows when it’s time to eat and it’s time to eat! Bunky wonders why on earth it takes Tom so long to fill a bowl with food. Doesn’t Tom realize Bunky is on a tight schedule? OH Bunky thinks it tastes so good. What happened to it? Where did the food go? Bunky thinks he couldn’t have possibly eaten it all.

6:30pm: Time for walkies and Bunky is so excited for it. Bunky smells this and looks at that. Bunky tries to make all the decisions regarding which path he and Tom shall take but Tom can be so stubborn. Bunky decides to be stubborn too and stops walking. Bunky knows after a minute or two that Tom will scoop him up in his warm arms and bring him back home.

8:00pm: Tom is watching Television which means that Bunky can catch up on a few winks. Oh when will it be bedtime. Why does it take so long for Tom to get tired? He never watches shows with pug actors. Bunky wants to sleep now.

9:00pm: Bunky can’t keep his eyes open. Thank goodness Tom carries Bunky to the bed because Bunky is completely out of strength from his long hard day. Bunky stretches his body as much as he can so he can show Tom how big Bunky is. Bunky needs to sleep so he can wake up and eat in the morning.